Ex-MIMEsweeper veteran reveals next-gen management security technology

According to Guyatt, who has more than 20 years experience in the IT security industry, Osirium - and its security offering of the same name - is an IT security management system that is controlled through a single interface.

By using a single interface to control all of an organisation's IT security systems, Guyatt said that his security access software can greatly reduce the resources needed to manage a variety of IT security devices, as well as reducing the risks of mistakes caused by what he called `credential leakage.'

Most companies, he explained, select `best-of-breed' deployment strategies when choosing their critical IT security devices.

"This makes good sense from a performance perspective. However, each device has different access security policies as well as configuration and management controls", he said.

"As a result, policy-based change management and compliance across such a broad asset base of different IT security devices is both costly, insecure and exposes companies to undue risk", he said.

In use, Osirium works by greatly reducing operational risk and cost, by adding IT security and auditing change controls whilst automating many of the day-to-day system administration tasks.

By automating the IT security management process, Osirium is billed as ensuring that all system administration changes continue to be performed as efficiently as before, but by using strong authentication and audited processes to authorise and track system changes.

As a result, said Guyatt, IT security risks and management costs are also then significantly reduced.

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