Fed to invest $55 billion in cybersecurity over next six years

The study - US Federal Cybersecurity Market Forecast 2010-2015 - from Market Research Media, notes that, for several years, the federal government agencies have reported that weaknesses in cybersecurity are a widespread problem that can have serious consequences.

These consequences, says Market Research Media, can include intrusions by malicious users, compromised networks, and the theft of intellectual property and personally identifiable information.

The research firm notes that Congress passed the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA), which authorized and strengthened cybersecurity program, evaluation, and reporting requirements for federal agencies.

Despite the passing of the Act, Market Research Media says that persistent weaknesses in cybersecurity policies and practices continue to threaten the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information as well as information systems used to support the operations, assets, and staff of most federal agencies.

As a result, the research firm says, recently reported incidents at a number of federal agencies have placed sensitive data at risk, including the theft, loss, or improper disclosure of personally identifiable information of Americans.

During fiscal year 2008, the report says, almost all 24 major federal agencies had weaknesses in cyberdefense controls. An underlying reason for these weaknesses, it notes, is that agencies have not fully implemented their cybersecurity programs.

The good news, the report concludes, is that federal agencies have reported increased compliance in implementing key cybersecurity control activities for fiscal year 2008.

Agencies, says Market Research Media, have also reported increased implementation of control activities, such as providing awareness training for employees and testing system contingency plans.

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