GFI senior threat researcher warns on cybercriminal sting offering low-cost versions of CCleaner

The website - myccleaner(dot)ru - claims to be offering up multiple versions and builds of CCleaner, as well as various ways to make money, although Christopher Boyd (aka PaperGhost on Twitter) reports that only one of the links is currently working, namely to `ccsetup303.exe'

Unfortunately for us, this is what's known in the business as a very bad thing, he says, adding that if you click on the link, it offers a variety of payment mechanisms to allow users to pay for the software.

Most of the payment methods seem to clock in at around $5.00, he notes.

“Not sure I'd chance it personally - you'd be much better off going to the official site and grabbing it there instead”, he says in his latest security posting.

“As for ccsetup303.exe, it has a 29/43 score on VirusTotal and we detect it as Hoax.Win32.ArchSMS”, he adds.

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