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Hackers Leak Sexually Explicit Photos, Messages of WWE Star Paige

Private photos and explicit WhatsApp conversations of British wrestling star Saraya-Jade Bevis, who goes by the name stage name Paige, have reportedly been leaked online.

The cache contains the WWE star’s highly personal WhatsApp conversations with fellow wrestler Xavier Woods, according to the International Business Times.

This incident follows another in early March, in which unknown attackers released other nude photos of the star in what they dubbed “Fappening 2.0".

It’s unclear if these hackers are part of the same cyber-criminal group responsible for the enormous trove of photos of celebs that was published in 2014, which included compromising pics of Jennifer Lawrence as well as reality TV star Kim Kardashian and singer Rihanna.

"Time and again we hear stories that someone’s personal photos or intimate life has been leaked through a hack, data breach or password reuse,” Mark James, security specialist at ESET, said via email. “Not all are hacks of course, some [attackers simply have] the right credentials to login and gain access just like the owner, but every time it happens, people have to ask themselves—how private are our online, private accounts?”

He added, “If we need to be honest (and sometimes we do!) we have to understand nothing posted online is ever secret. Even kept safe with the best encryption or two-factor authentication, there is always a small chance someone is going to find a way to access it; and because there is always a market for high-profile information or data regardless of its morality. The media may well take a stance and state they won’t publish it or make its source known, but the real value is online and in areas the media have no control over: A world where anything and everything can be purchased, sold and traded for—virtually anything you want.

He added that to truly keep information private, users shouldn’t store it online.

“If you have to store it, then use an offline encrypted area that’s not accessible by anyone except you,” said James. “Sorry to say, this includes partners, friends or anyone else you may currently trust; everyone you trust is one link less in the chain of security."

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