Indiana Launches Cyber Blog

The state of Indiana has launched a new blog to promote cybersecurity best practices and share tips on how to stay cyber-safe. 

The Indiana Cyber Blog is hosted on the Hoosier State's Cybersecurity Hub website, where residents can go to report a cybercrime, research cyber training courses and careers, and get the low-down on the latest digital threats.

Posts will cover a wide range of topics, including data privacy, identity theft awareness, strong password creation, and how to stay secure while working from home. There will also be Covid-era advice on such subjects as how to balance working from home while living with children who are attending school virtually. 

A number of guest bloggers will be invited to share their particular expertise with readers. Among the talent already booked are the first African American woman to become chief information officer of NASA, and Tracy Barnes, Indiana's state CIO.

“Every aspect of our lives, it seems, relies on computers and the Internet, and cybersecurity is at the heart of it all,” said Barnes. “As a digital transformation continues, the way we communicate with emails and texts on our phones and other electronic devices is changing rapidly. 

"Our entertainment, shopping, and transportation, even our health and well-being depend on our personal information and being safe, secure, and protected from the reach of cyber criminals.”

Other special guests will include cybersecurity business owners, academic advisors, state officials, local government officials, and nationally recognized cybersecurity experts.

“Here in Indiana, we are fortunate to have a lot of incredible partners who have made such a huge difference in the cybersecurity field, in addition to lots of resources that can be found easily at to help everyone be cybersafe,” said Chetrice Mosley-Romero, Indiana’s cybersecurity program director. 

“We’re pleased and excited to launch this blog along with a Twitter and Facebook account to get much-needed information about how cybersecurity affects us in every way, and more importantly, what each of us can do to protect ourselves, our family, and our employers.”

Blog visitors can sign up for a free subscription to receive notifications each time a new blog post is added.

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