Lancashire Constabulary taps into secure virtual desktop technology

This is the second time that the police force has used leading-edge security technology on its systems. In February of this year the force tapped 3ami for its Monitoring and Audit System software to comply with new data security regulations from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Using Quest Software's Virtual Workspace platform will give the police force's IT division centralised control of sensitive data such as crime scene images, criminal profiles and case details.

According to Quest, its technology ensures that individual officers receive access based on their level of authorisation.

As well as enhanced security, the IT systems vendor claims this centralised approach also simplifies the maintenance and support of desktops, and helps to improve network performance, which in turn leads to a more cost effective operation.

In use, the virtual desktop solution provides officers with aggregated access to Lancashire Constabulary's main network as well as relevant restricted files via a single log-in.

This not only ensures that sensitive information is protected in the virtualised environment, but it also gives police officers greater flexibility and resources when working from a virtual desktop.

Colin Fitzsimons, a senior systems engineer with the police force, said that the virtualised environment gives his team the ability to maintain the confidentiality of police records and the flexibility to alter access as and when necessary.

"The speed at which our officers are able to view data from the network on their desktop is also beneficial as it improves productivity and increases workflow", he said.

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