Malware infected 60 million computers in Vietnam last year

Vietnam is ranked fifth in terms of cybersecurity vulnerability, behind China, Russia, India, and the US, according to Phuong Minh Nam, deputy head of the Informatics Department at the Ministry of Public Security. In addition, the domain .vn ranks third in the list of domains facing the highest risk of attacks.

The majority of large Vietnamese websites have security flaws that put them at risk of being hijacked, the ministry noted. The problem is that 90% of Vietnamese websites have been built using ASP.NET technology and use IIS 6.0 service, putting them at greater risk, according to the ministry.

Over 1,000 Vietnamese websites were attacked in 2010 due to security flaws. The list of websites attacked includes those belonging to financial institutions, banks, and securities companies.

Around 47% of businesses and administrative agencies in Vietnam said they increased information security investment in 2010, compared to 37% in 2009. At the same time, two-thirds of enterprises said they do not know how to react to computer attacks. More than 50% of organizations do not have procedures to respond to cyberattacks.

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