Meru scoops up Identity Networks to move into policy-based wireless security

According to Meru, the move will give its clients access to technology that supports secure, policy based, wired and wireless network access for guests and employees that bring their own devices into the enterprise.

Founded in 2002, Infosecurity notes that Meru – along with companies such as Aruba Networks – have developed customised lightweight wireless mechanisms that allow easy secure access to wireless networks.

Commenting on the acquisition, Kamal Anand, senior vice president with the company, said that enterprises must provide secure, auditable access to hundreds – or even thousands of devices – that enter the enterprise daily.

“Provisioning, managing and securing network access for guest and employee owned WiFi devices can be a tedious and inefficient process, especially as the number and variety of devices multiplies within the environment”, he said.

“The addition of Identity Networks to the Meru family of security products builds upon our already strong security offerings, and provides another important component of overall network security. These advancements are critical as we look forward to the all wireless enterprise of the future”, he added.

Meru says that Identity Networks' technology has been used across its installed base of users as an integrated, third-party security offering, and is proven to work in a variety of environments.

In use, says the firm, Identity's technology supports simple provisioning capabilities and automatic notification services that give guests their access credentials by email or text message. It also, adds Meru, includes powerful reporting, auditing and customisation capabilities.

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