Migration to IPv6 still slow reports EURid

According to Marc van Wesemael, the registrar's general manager, whose company celebrates its fifth anniversary today, internet security generally still needs to improve.

EURid, he said, has always been active in this area and it is the responsibility of TLD registries, such as ourselves, to strive to make the internet safer for everyone.

As one of the first registries to fully implement Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the eu top level domain, van Wesemael said that his company continues to champion online security.

New services and education programs in 2011, he explained, will simplify using DNSSEC, which is seen by many as unduly complex.

So what about IPv6?

The EURid general manager says that, as World IPv6 Day – due to take place on 8 June – approaches, he is expecting the IPv6 momentum to gather pace.

"Eu domain name holders have always been able to use IPv6 addresses for their dedicated name servers, as eu registration systems have been IPv6-capable since the TLD's launch in 2006", he said.

"More recently, the eu registry has begun preparations to add IPv6 connectivity to its registration services", he added.

Van Wesemael noted, however, that not all service providers have full IPv6 solutions commercially available.

"IPv6 is clearly coming - we need it. IPv4 blocks are running out, but it is now possible to use IPv6 on all of EURid's servers", he said, adding that, despite this, service providers do not feel the urge to switch to IPv6.

This is, he says, largely because there is no real demand for IPv6 yet in the marketplace.

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