More revelations in the Mariposa botnet saga

As reported by Infosecurity at the time, 23-year-old Iserdo was arrested by Slovenian police, working in concert with their colleagues from Spain and a team from the FBI.

The arrest in the Mariposa case was the result of several months of painstaking effort by all three law enforcement operations and builds on the arrests of a trio of Slovenians earlier this year.

Iserdo is thought to be a close colleague of the three Slovenians - Florencio Carro Ruiz, Jonathan Pazos Rivera, and Juan Jose Bellido Rios - who were arrested in Spain in February following an investigation that was assisted by Luis Corrons, the technical director of Panda Security.

It now transpires that Iserdo and his girlfriend were arrested in late July and, after police conducted seven house searches, they confiscated 75 items of computer equipment, although the pair were released pending an investigation of two alleged crimes; the creation of tools that enable computer crime, and money laundering.

According to Panda's Luis Corrons, Iserdo is known in real life as Matjaz Skorjanc from Maribor, Slovenia.

"The 24 year old is supposed to be a girl, Nusa Coh, also from Maribor, and whose IRC nickname is L0La. It seems that at least some of the money that Iserdo was making by selling the bot was being paid to Nusa Coh, though maybe she didn't know how Iserdo was making that money", he added.

Corrons claims that Coh was apparently receiving Western Union money transfers from different people, such as Netkairo, the owner of the Mariposa botnet.

The Panda technical director says that, during his investigations, another name came out, Dejan Janzekovic, aged 24, who is also from Maribor and works as a system administrator in a Slovenian telco/ISP.

Infosecurity notes that that Janzekovic - a former classmate of Coh's - was reported on some newswires earlier this year as Iserdo, but Corrons claims he is more a victim than a suspect.

"The week Iserdo and [Coh] were arrested, the website used to advertise and sell the butterfly bot was taken down", he said, but the bad news, he adds, is that Netkairo and Ostiator - the guys behind Mariposa - have not been charged yet and are still free.

"If you even wonder how Netkairo looks like, I've found that his Facebook account is public, so you can check his picture here", he went on to say.

Corrons says that more news on the Mariposa botnet arrests will be forthcoming in the near future.

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