Neustar introduces cloud-based DDoS attack defence technology

According to the US firm, SiteProtect allows a customers' web infrastructure to operate normally under attack, so avoiding downtime and the potential loss of revenue.

Combined with Neustar UltraDNS, the firm claims that SiteProtect gives customers strong protection that provides security for both DNS (domain name system) and general web traffic.

When a DDoS attack hits, SiteProtect is activated via a simple DNS change in the service’s management portal, which the firm says is also accessible via a smartphone app.

The customers' traffic is then re-routed to the cloud-based traffic scrubbing centres where legitimate traffic is forwarded on, whilst the attack traffic is contained.

Interesting, Infosecurity notes that SiteProtect only charges a per incident fee beyond the monthly subscription and does not charge any fees based on the size of an attack.

Rick Rumbarger, Neusatar's senior director of internet services, said that the problem with other approaches to DDoS protection is that the network needs to take a hit before any mitigation commences.

"With SiteProtect, the brunt of the attack is immediately shifted away from the client infrastructure and directed to our mitigation cloud service", he said.

"By moving this service to the cloud, customers no longer have to buy and maintain large capacity infrastructure with its resulting capex expenses", he added.

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