New Cyber Group Launched to Prepare Students for Cybersecurity Careers

This week Fujitsu announced its partnership with University Technical Colleges (UTCs) to launch the UTC Cyber Security Group, aimed at helping to prepare students aged 14-19 for future careers in cybersecurity.

The information and communication tech provider will work with UTCs and security and private sector organizations to equip a minimum of 500 students a year with the right cyber-skills needed to succeed in information security roles and further education – helping to bridge the gap in security resource and skills currently impacting the industry.

The group will meet every quarter to agree the course content that will be delivered to cybersecurity students, and organizations involved will each commit to providing at least five days of teaching and training to UTCs annually over the next three years. What’s more, organizations will also have the opportunity to sponsor their local UTC and get to know students personally.

“It is evident that there is a shortage of talent in the cybersecurity industry at the moment, which we as a nation are struggling to circumvent,” Rob Norris, vice-president of enterprise and cyber security, Fujitsu, told Infosecurity. “As we recognize the importance of investing in the individuals who will be key in fighting cyber-criminals in the future, the UTC Cyber Security Group will help ensure that we – and other private organizations – are doing our best to develop the right cyber-skills to adequately protect the UK from future cyber-threats and attacks.”

“With cyber-threats becoming more prolific and hackers increasingly more creative and savvy in their approach to attacks and breaches, the people and skills available to protect organizations and society must respond,” added Mike Halliday, business relations manager for UTC Reading, UTC Swindon, and UTC Heathrow.

“Historically students may not have considered entering a cybersecurity profession, often meaning they missed out on a career that they could be good at, and one in which they’d find purpose and fulfilment. The UTC Cyber Group looks to connect industry to an untapped source of thinking in order to meet the current cybersecurity challenges.”

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