Orgs Concerned About Cloud Data Protection Costs

When it comes to cloud data protection, there’s a significant disconnect between the perceived benefits vs. the reality of its cost and management.

According to a survey by Druva, 59% of respondents listed cost savings as the most anticipated benefit of moving to AWS, with simplicity and improved security as the second and third primary drivers. Yet, 49% of respondents who are considering a move cite cost as the No. 1 barrier.

Similarly, a full 54% of respondents are leveraging the cloud for data protection; however, 62% of respondents concerned about incurred compounding data protection costs as a result of having multiple sites.

When it comes to confidence in ability of the cloud to recover data, about 72% of respondents indicated a very strong level of cloud adoption interest based on their higher confidence levels in the ability to recover data from the cloud. On the other hand, more respondents—82%—felt confident in restoring data from on-premises systems.

"Although cloud migration has increased significantly in recent years, we still see a disconnect between perceptions of the cloud and its reality,” said Dave Packer, vice president of product and alliance marketing at Druva. “The misconception persists that the cloud is too expensive for storing data, and IT professionals fear rising costs as data grows and duplicates across the enterprise. However, organizations that have already leaned into transitioning to the cloud have realized that by fully embracing vendors providing truly cloud-native technology, both costs and scale can be optimized—and they have greater security and control over their data, regardless of where it resides.”

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