Launch Announcement: State of Cybersecurity Report 2019

Last year Infosecurity undertook a research project to understand what trends were driving the cybersecurity industry. Free from commercial influence and marketing incentive, this was intended to show what our sample of the industry thought would drive the industry forward in the future, and what the main drivers are right now.

This became the State of Cybersecurity Report, and proved to be very popular with our readers. Surveying 32 industry professionals, last year’s report highlights included:

  • Regulation and the GDPR was the main trend, accounting for 46% of responses
  • Attacks and attackers ranked high too, especially after high-profile incidents and breaches like WannaCry, Experian and the emergence of targeted phishing campaigns
  • 28% of respondents also felt that advanced attacks were a driver for the future
  • Getting the attention of the board accounted for 21% of responses, while 18% cited bad selling practices 

This year, Infosecurity undertook the research once again, and over the period of three months, interviewed a larger set of professionals collecting new responses on what is driving cybersecurity. 

The concept of this report is to avoid the main problems of so many threat reports that we at Infosecurity so often see: research determined to drive the reader to a product or service. So we interviewed across the industry, and triaged the responses to determine the common findings and present them in the second State of Cybersecurity Report.

The research will be released during Infosecurity Europe, when I will present the findings for the first time on the Talking Tactics stage, between 12-1230pm BST on Thursday June 6. After the talk has concluded, the full report will be available to download for free.

Then you will be able to find the complete contents of this year’s research, but to give you a taster, some of the main takeaways are:

  • A year on from the first report, how compliance has fared as a cybersecurity driver 
  • Are attacks and attackers driving businesses, and is there a feeling that they are more sophisticated?
  • Is AI all about the hype, is anyone actually doing automation and if so, is it working for them?
  • How do the likes of government intervention, bug bounties and managed services rank among the popular drivers?

I was delighted to see such a large audience gather for last year’s launch, and it would be great if you are able to join us for the culmination of the process of putting this report together for 2019. Join us at Infosecurity Europe for the official launch of the State of Cybersecurity Report 2019, and download the report at 12.30pm BST, Thursday June 6.

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