Raindrop may hold solution to spam flood

Known as Raindrop, the technology is still some months off being implemented in an email/web application, but Mozilla - as well as some of its open source software development devotees - seem very excited about its prospects.

But Raindrop could actually go a lot further than simply prioritising internet users' email and shunting potential spam to the bottom of the mail queue, as the technology uses a mini-web server platform to drawn in POP3, IMAP and enterprise email in from multiple sources.

When this data is added to Twitter tweets, RSS feeds and social networking information, Mozilla says users can be presented with a single page interaction centre.

This technology is broadly equivalent to what Google is doing with its fledgeling Google Wave multi-dimensional collaborative email replacement, although Raindrop seems far less developed in software terms, Infosecurity notes.

According to Mozilla, interacting on the internet is a lot more than simply using an email client and a web browser.

Raindrop is also browser agnostic, which means that users of Internet Explorer will be able to access a Raindrop email environment.

From a security perspective, the ability to prioritise emails seems to be the most immediate advantage, Infosecurity notes.

As Mozilla said in its video on the technology: "why should an advert from an airline push a message from my mum out of the way?"

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