RSA unveils iPhone SecurID application

The good news is that the RSA SecurID Software Token App is available on the Apple App Store at no charge.

Infosecurity notes that the required RSA SecurID software token seed as well as RSA Authentication Manager - the software that powers the RSA SecurID system - are both available for purchase online.

According to RSA, the new RSA SecurID Software Token for iPhone is engineered to generate a one-time password that changes every 60 seconds, allowing secure access to enterprise applications and resources.

Interestingly, the IT security vendor seems to be downplaying the convenience aspect of devolving the authentication process from a hardware token to an iPhone, preferring instead to play the cost of ownership card to promote the app.

RSA says that moving to SecurID software tokens can help to decrease total cost of ownership for organizations as they do not require any physical shipping, can be revoked and automatically redeployed if an iPhone is lost, eliminating the need for replacement tokens.

Additionally, says RSA, having the software authenticator on a business critical device like the Apple iPhone reduces the number of lost or forgotten tokens, so decreasing the number of costly technical support calls

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