First-of-its-Kind SASE Accreditation Course Launched

A first-of-its-kind Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) accreditation course has been launched today. 

The SASE Accreditation, which is sponsored by cybersecurity firm Netskope, aims to provide participants with practical hands-on experience in several cloud security and networking disciplines.

Upon successful completion of the exam, cyber professionals will be qualified to train and deliver SASE requirements in a cloud architecture, receiving a SASE Accredited Architect certificate and badge.

Netskope has collaborated with Dr Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and former chief security officer of AT&T, to create the virtual course’s curriculum. Those who enroll will learn the basic technology and architecture concepts of SASE, receive practical advice and tips for its use across different industries and see demonstrations on the implementation of SASE in realistic settings.

The vendor also revealed that free seats will be available for a select number of Security Advisor Alliance (SAA) students for each course session.

The announcement has come amid surging cloud adoption following the shift to remote working during COVID-19. However, this has brought about significant security risks to organizations, and many security experts view the SASE model as crucial to combat these threats.

Jason Clark, chief strategy officer at Netskope, commented: “SASE is a new term but it’s not a new concept. From day one of Netskope, the idea of security and networking merging was the foundation for how we built our products and services. As SASE continues to grow, the demand for skilled and educated practitioners will grow along with it, and until today, those options for education and training were very limited.

“Netskope is thrilled to be sponsoring the SASE Accreditation. Leveraging Dr Amoroso’s deep experience in the security and networking industries, and his passion for education, made his partnership an easy choice for us.”

Amoroso said: “SASE is changing the way companies are thinking about securing their users and data in the era of cloud.

“Working with Netskope, we developed the SASE Accreditation to give practitioners an in-depth, hands-on introduction to SASE and how to design for it. This course is built to prepare students and practitioners for the future of cloud security and how all enterprise networks will be designed and secured in the future.”

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