#Belfast2017: Security 2020: What's Driving Security Needs of the Future?

Speaking at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies’ (CSIT) World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit 2017 in Belfast today BT Security’s Ruth Davis, head of commercial strategy and public policy, presented a session on ‘Security 2020’, looking ahead to what customers are going to need (and want) from their security systems of the future.

Davis said that there is a group of key factors shaping customer need (and demand) when it comes to the future of cybersecurity, at the center of which is the adoption of cloud services and infrastructure.

“About 40% of organizations with mature cloud strategies currently use cloud managed security services, and we expect that to increase greatly in the next few years as more enterprises move towards the cloud and become more mature in their approach to it”, Davis explained.

The other factors that branch out from cloud adoption are:
•    MSS market growing but competition increasing
•    Growth in mid-market demand
•    Integrated threat prevention
•    Accelerated focus on compliance
•    Virtualized security services become reality
•    Endpoint and IoT security top of the agenda

“These are trends that are driving the development of our [BT Security] portfolio, our road map and also our partnering strategy”, Davis said.

Therefore, Davis stated that BT Security’s key priorities for 2017/18 are aligned to its key messages to the market:
•    A secure journey to the cloud: Building out the cloud security architecture that encompasses virtual security on demand and IoT
•    Harness big data for actionable intelligence: Building a common big data platform to support all security intelligence propositions while continuing to build BT’s Cyber Security Platform and Cyber SOC
•    A trusted partner for GDPR and other compliance requirements: Ensuring that BT Security has a range of propositions that encompass professional services to pull through capability from it and its partners

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