SHe CISO Exec. to Host Second Virtual Cybersecurity Boot Camp This Year

SHe CISO Exec. has announced that it is hosting its boot camp on cybersecurity and leadership virtually for the second time this year, taking place December 7-11 2020.

The SHe CISO Exec. team has elected to lay on the extra program in light of the socio-economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has heightened the need for young people to learn skills for employment. Its giveback training and mentoring platform aims to help develop a new generation of diverse and emotionally intelligent cybersecurity leaders in the face of the growing threat of cybercrime.

Over the five-day course, qualified and internationally recognized industry leaders will provide participants with insights into security domains and industry best practices as well as outline ethical leadership and self-development skills to enable them to reach their full potential.

Applicants who demonstrate their eligibility will be offered up to 100% scholarships to attend the virtual boot camp.

The announcement has come amid the ongoing global cybersecurity skills shortage, and SHe CISO Exec. believes its program can help bridge the gaps and enable CISOs to identify the right security talent. It added that companies can also reduce their recruitment costs by upskilling existing security staff through sponsoring them on the course.

SHe CISO Exec. commented: “The five-day boot camp offers its participants an engaging learning experience capturing the quintessential blend of information security training, leadership skill development, speed mentoring, coaching, networking opportunities and much more. The program has been receiving great feedback from the participants so far and will continue to create value for the participants and the industry.”

Founder of the program Chani Simms, who is also managing director of Meta Defence Labs UK and Sri Lanka, said: “I founded SHe CISO Exec. to focus on bridging the skill, diversity and leadership gaps in the cybersecurity industry to create emotionally intelligent cybersecurity leaders. This is my give back to the community and what I would give my younger self.”

Those interested in applying for December’s boot camp can do so via the SHe CISO Exec. website

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