Teenage 'Cracka' Hackers Hit FBI Deputy Director

A group of teenage hackers have broken into the AOL email accounts of the FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano and his wife.

The hacktivist group, known as “Crackas With Attitude” (CWA), is making AOL a bit of a specialty; two weeks ago it also hacked the AOL email account of the CIA director John Brennan.

The ringleader, who fittingly goes by the name Cracka, has posted online a veritable treasure trove of information belonging to thousands of government employees, including more than 3,500 names, email addresses and contact numbers of law enforcement and military personnel, including intelligence analysts. The group has warned that this is just a taste of the full amount of information that CWA has in its possession.

CWA said that it is acting in support of the Palestinian cause; and that the Giuliano attack is payback for the director’s comments that he made after the Brennnan hack about making an example out of CWA.

If CWA was able to access all of that information via personal AOL accounts, this has the makings of a Hilary Clinton-level email security scandal. So far however, the FBI has declined to comment on whether the hack is legitimate.

Cracka told Millennial news outlet Vice that he called the deputy director's phone number:  "I called it and asked for Mark, and he is like 'I don't know you, but you better watch your back', and then he hung up, and I kept calling and he was getting mad, then he didn't pick up.”

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