ThreatConnect Acquires Nehemiah Security to Add Risk Quantifier Capabilities

ThreatConnect has announced the acquisition of Nehemiah Security, adding cyber-risk quantification to its existing threat intelligence platform (TIP) and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities.

The deal aims to create a cybersecurity platform aligning the entire security lifecycle to the goal of reducing risk and the ThreatConnect risk quantifier will enable the identification of the risks that matter most to organizations by quantifying them based on potential financial or operational impact.

ThreatConnect said with this acquisition, it is able to further deliver on its mission of revolutionizing the way organizations protect themselves by turning intelligence into action with a risk-led approach to cybersecurity making prioritization easy for security teams, enabling them to filter out noise and focus on what matters most.

Adam Vincent, chief executive officer at ThreatConnect, said: “We began our journey focused on making threat intelligence actionable with our TIP solution, providing a platform to collect, enrich and prioritize intelligence. We evolved our capabilities to deliver an award-winning SOAR platform to market, helping orchestrate and automate security actions with an intelligence-led approach, but we never lost sight of the belief we articulated in 2015 that risk mitigation should drive all action in security.

“We’ve watched with interest as the cyber-risk quantification movement has taken off, keeping an eye on evolving approaches and listening to the experiences of our clients. The decision to acquire Nehemiah was an easy one as they are ahead of the market in terms of their ability to automate cyber-risk quantification.”

In an email to Infosecurity, former Nehemiah Security CEO Paul Farrell said cyber-risk quantification was “an obvious missing puzzle piece in security” and the mentality of the market has shifted dramatically over the past two years.

“It is the most critical piece of the puzzle as understanding the risks that represent the most harm finally allows security to prioritize all activities around the mission of reducing those risks,” he said. “We have been focused on automating the job of cyber-risk quantification, of providing timely results and near instant time to value. We have been focused on integrating data already existing in the security technology stack, of delivering a solution that security people can actually use as a decision support capability.”

He called ThreatConnect “an ideal partner” as the company has “the means to take our vision forward, to provide sales, marketing and engineering resources we could not.”

“When marrying risk into the equation, ThreatConnect not only helps fulfil our vision – where risk drives all decision making in security – but they become one of the most powerful players in security as they can help marry risk, threat and response,” he said. “It really was a match made in heaven – and ThreatConnect will act as a steward of our vision and for the future of security as a whole.”

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