Trend Micro offers free beta of botnet-spotting security software

The ITsec software looks interesting as it offers enhanced behavioural protection and rule capabilities, plus it introduces a number of new technologies that Trend says have been designed to detect and remove botnets and encrypted malware.

Equally interesting is the claim that, despite the software's many features, the bulk of the work - as with earlier netbook versions of Titanium - is being carried out in the cloud.

Announcing the public beta of Titanium Maximum Security 2012, Richard Ku, Trend Micro's vice president, said that the software protects users' data from the latest malware, phishing and social media attacks.

"Our focus for improving Titanium this year was to continue to support consumers' behaviours and incorporate more features to better protect against these threats", he said.

New features of the software are billed as included social networking security and easy user interface skinning.

Social Networking Security, says the firm, helps consumers protect themselves while on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Mixi by automatically showing them if links on their wall are safe or malicious.

User interface skinning, meanwhile, allows customers to personalise their console with a favourite photo or image.

Infosecurity notes that the software also includes wireless hotspot and WiFi network authentication, as well as a 10 gigabyte SafeSync cloud data storage and synchronisation facility.

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