UK SMBs Urged to Test Cyber-Resilience

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is backing a new campaign designed to help SMBs measure their resilience to cyber-attack.

The Would You Be Ready? campaign is being managed by Prince of Wales charity Business in the Community and launched to coincide with Responsible Business Week 2018.

It poses a series of online questions to SMB owners designed to test their response to a fictional cyber-attack, flood or large scale civil unrest.

SMBs comprise over 99% of all businesses in the UK, employing 16 million people, or 60% of the private sector.

However, nearly half (43%) claim they have no business continuity, disaster recovery or crisis management plans in place, despite more than two-fifths (43%) suffering at least one cyber security breach or attack over the past 12 months, according to the latest government figures out this week.

“We know that cybersecurity can feel daunting for SMEs, but the good news is that by following some simple, quick and low-cost steps you can shield your business from most online attacks. Having strong passwords, backing up data and taking steps to avoid phishing attacks should be as second nature to a small firm as cashing up or locking the doors at night,” explained NCSC director for engagement, Alison Whitney.

“Whether you own a bakery, a building firm or you sell products online, by taking the Would You Be Ready? resilience test and following our advice you can avoid the common cyber-attacks that can cost your time, money and reputation.”

That advice comes in the form of the NCSC’s Small Business Guide on cybersecurity, which includes tips on backing-up, protecting against malware and phishing, keeping mobile devices safe and password management best practices.

“SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy, and the impact that an issue or crisis could have on a small or medium business is significant, with potentially life-changing consequences for owners and employees, as well as having a negative effect on the economy,” argued BITC resilience director, Joey Tabone.

“We are urging SME owners across the UK to take the test and use BITC’s free advice to scrutinize their own business practices to ensure they’re protected against future incidents that could put their business, and their livelihoods, in jeopardy.”

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