Webinar: Data leak prevention, security and log management webinar scheduled

And that is before considering regulatory penalties and legal action as a result of the security problems.

But help is at hand - join us for an educational and informative webinar this Tuesday, the December 8, at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern, when we'll be looking at the issue in depth, detailing the challenges and solutions to the recurring problem for organizations of all sizes.

Infosecurity is pleased to have renowned security consultant and author, Dr Anton Chuvakin of Security Warrior Consulting, who will be looking at the problem of data security and explaining how asset and log management can counter the problem for firms of all sizes.

Joining Dr Chuvakin will be Sudha Iyer, director of product management with LogLogic, who will be detailing some of the solutions available in the log management security space.

Following the presentations from the two speakers, we'll be hosting a lively question and answer session from attendees, who will be able to pose their data security questions to the panel. Infosecurity's technical editor, Steve Gold, will be moderating the event.

Register here for 60 minutes that will dramatically assist in your understanding of how to prevent data leaks using effective log management security...

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