Webroot offers free mobile banking security to Android users

According to the IT security vendor, the adoption of mobile browsing, social networks, banking and financial transactions increases the threat of phishing and malicious URLs targeting mobile devices.

The free Android app - Webroot Mobile Security for Android - is billed as being designed to block threats and malicious applications, and to assess the safety of website links before the user clicks on them.

Versions for other smartphone/tablet operating systems are in development, Infosecurity understands.

The app has been on beta test in the Android market since March and, judging from the 1,000 plus reviews on the market, responses have been generally favourable.

Webroot says that features such as anti-malware, secure browsing, anti-phishing and application profiling will help prevent the theft of online credentials, and protect against mobile payment compromise.

Other features such as `Device Locate and Wipe' are billed as protecting a customer's personal information in the event their mobile device is lost or stolen.

The vendor says that mobile banking is on the rise and figures for 2010 show an increase of 40% in Europe alone, with approximately 20 million users logging onto their bank accounts from mobile devices in just one month.

Chad Bacher, Webroot's vice president of mobile solutions, said that cybercriminals are aware of the opportunity presented by the increase in mobile banking and the relatively nascent adoption of security measures to protect mobile devices connecting to the internet.

"We have already witnessed the first wave of threats targeting mobile banking customers including variants of the notorious banking trojan Zeus which has been adapted to attack in the mobile environment", he said.

"Mobile banking customers want the freedom to access their accounts, move funds and make payments regardless of where they are and what device they're using, without the fear of credential compromise and fraud", he added.

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