Weekly Brief - August 10 2009

ISPs team up in bid to tackle botnet problem

ISPs have always erred on the side of user privacy when it comes to monitoring for botnets, but now the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) has published guidelines and best practices for mitigating large-scale bot infections in residential networks.

For more download a copy of the guidelines from MAAWG's website... 

Former superhacker Kevin Mitnick dumped by ISP

The notoriety of Kevin Mitnick, the former superhacker - now a security consultant - means that his website is a high profile target, which is why his ISP has politely asked him to vacate his website hosting service.

For more see Network World's report...

US cyber-security tsar steps down

Melissa Hathaway, the White House's acting cyber-security tsar has resigned from her post, because of "personal reasons." She has told reporters she will return to the private sector.

For more see the BBC website... 

US military worried over Twitter security

It seems the US military's worries about Twitter's security predated the apparent DDOS-driven outage of last week by a few days. The US military is reportedly worried that unauthorised tweets could compromise its armed forces.

For more see TechRadar... 

Verizon intros next-gen managed security services platform

Verizon Business is now offering its next-generation managed security services platform, complete with new options for service to better meet the security demands on today's enterprise.

For more see the official press release...

US Net telephony wiretapping legality in a gray area

The Electronic Frontier Foundation claims that the legality of US law enforcement wiretapping foreign internet telephony providers is unclear and says that CALEA does not necessarily extend to include VOIP data packets.

For more see the ZDNet website...

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