Infosecurity Magazine Announces Launch of 'Next-Gen Infosec'

Infosecurity is delighted to announce the launch of the Next-Gen Infosec spotlight section, an area of dedicated to publishing content from the next generation of information security professionals.

Demand for information security professionals far exceeds supply and Infosecurity is committed to serving its industry by publishing community content that may help employers to spot new talent, and aid infosec professionals of the future to be noticed.

This community-focussed stream has been launched with the objective of giving those who are keen to enter the industry a platform on which to publish their research, work and blog posts. This content will offer fresh perspective, brand new innovative research and a view from outside of the industry.

Next-Gen Infosec will give contributors exposure in the industry into which they are hoping to enter.

The spotlight section will also include features and interviews about recruitment, the cybersecurity skills gap and what employers are looking for when hiring.

Infosecurity is inviting content from information security students, graduates, post-graduates, or indeed people from other industries looking to join the profession. To put it simply, the next-generation of information security professionals.

Guidelines on how to submit content are available here.

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