IntoSecurity Chats Episode 4 - Wendy Nather, brought to you by Darktrace

Have you ever wondered whether a giraffe should wear a tie at the top of his neck or the bottom? Wendy Nather, Head of the Advisory CISO team, Duo Security (Now Cisco), has the answer. 

Tie-wearing giraffes aside, Eleanor Dallaway and Wendy Nather talk about CISO burnout, blaming industry for the skills gap but NOT blaming the user, spoons, and who Wendy would invite to her dream infosec dinner party.

Snack & Drinks Podcast Pairing Recommendation by Wendy: A peanut butter and banana sandwich with the crusts cut off and either chocolate milk or a nice rum punch


Wendy Nather

Director of Advisory CISOs, Duo Security

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