Pavel Osokin

Founder and CEO, AMAI

An entrepreneur with 15 years who founded and bootstrapped five startups. He is a mentor at Founder Institute, an investment scout for several venture funds and an advisor to two startups. He was named one of the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2018.

Pavel started his business with $100 and reached a $3.3m turnover in 3 years in the construction industry. As a tech innovator, in 2017, he founded Como Capital, a full-service provider of high-loaded blockchain projects, and has worked with clients such as Coursera. In five months, the startup grew its team to 27 people.

Aimed to help entrepreneurs automate the selling process, in 2019, he founded AMAI –⁠ a San Francisco-based startup that produces ultra-realistic AI voice engines. Pavel is leading the operation and strategy of AMAI with a professional ambition to install its voice technology into every phone in the world. 

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