Peter Cassidy

Peter Cassidy is co-founder and secretary general of the APWG, the largest global coalition combating Internet crime; principle architect and CEO of the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Messaging Convention, which manages the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. cybersecurity awareness campaign adopted by enterprises and national governments worldwide; founder of the Symposium on Electronic Crime Research, the only peer-reviewed research conference dedicated to cybercrime (with proceedings published by the IEEE); and founder of the Symposium on Global Cybercrime Awareness, the world’s only research conference dedicated to exclusively to behavioral and cognitive factors in cybercrime development and cybercrime suppression.

Mr. Cassidy is also one of the principal designers of the APWG eCrime eXchange, a data clearinghouse moving upwards of 500 million data fields of cybercrime-related machine event data per month to APWG member institutions, governments and companies worldwide.

In real life, Mr. Cassidy is a product consultant, software designer, industrial analyst, business development consultant and widely published writer, speaker and commentator on information security, white-collar crime and electronic crime, investigating the intersection of security technologies, public policy and financial crime for decades. His patents, co-authored with Internet performance metric pioneer John Quarterman, describe innovations quantifying network risk to price cyber-risk insurance premiums and re-insurance bonds and in detecting Internet crime.

Mr. Cassidy is an intervenor/witness/consulting expert to the United Nation, the European Commission, the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, the Organization of American States, the Commonwealth of Nations and the UK Parliamentary Association.

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