Philip Ingram MBE

Philip Ingram MBE BSc MA GCLI is a widely published journalist, specialising in the security and intelligence arenas, who has built on a long and senior career in British Military Intelligence, with years of experience in all aspects of intelligence and security as well as strategic planning. He maintains a close interest in global events.  For his sins, he is recognised as a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons expert having studied these subjects as part of his first degree and masters degree and spent many hours in what were lovingly referred to as “noddy suits” with respirator (not called a gas mask!) on. It probably helped that his late father ran a hospital laboratory were as a youth he spent many hours watching him work and flicking through his biological science publications.

Philip now runs his own media company, Grey Hare Media, that specialises in delivering informed content. Between the Army and this, he was a sales and marketing director for a large cast steel manufacturer, learning about business, setting the conditions for over £100m of business, and then managing director and editor in chief of a B2B Security focused print and online publication. He keynote speaks across the globe on Terrorism, Cyber Security, Information and Disinformation, leadership and mental health, as well as global security issues.

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