Pierre-Luc Réfalo

Pierre-Luc Refalo has a 25 year experience in information and cyber security. He manages a worldwide consulting team helping executives and security professionals to enhance digital risk management and to implement relevant cyber-security and information protection strategies in particular for sensitive / personal data and critical infrastructures. Since Nov 2016, he also leads Capgemini “GDPR readiness” offer.

He previously worked for consulting firms, he was Director of the Information Security program at Cegetel / SFR (1997-2002), and then focused his activity on cyber-risk governance and training / awareness programs for executives, business lines, employees and IT staff. He is a speaker in international conferences and a trainer. He also published 2 reference books: “Sécuriser l’entreprise connectée” and “La Sécurité Numérique de l’entreprise” awarded at International Cybersecurity Forum in 2013.

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