Shane Fuller

Shane Fuller is a seasoned Data Privacy Consultant and Advisor with over 15 years hands-on experience in the fields of data privacy and information protection. Shane works as Lead Privacy Advisor to MetaCompliance, the global provider of staff awareness, policy governance and risk management, in the areas of privacy, cybersecurity and compliance. He has a vast array of knowledge built up through working with organisations and vendors globally and focussing on financial services and other highly regulated industries.

Shane has numerous privacy and information security accreditations and certifications including IAPP’s Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) designation which recognizes those with an extensive knowledge of privacy laws, privacy program management and data protection practices.

Shane is also the co-author of the official ‘GDPR for Dummies’ guide that is currently being showcased across Europe via the GDPR for Dummies Roadshow. These free-to-attend breakfast briefings, hosted by MetaCompliance, aim to educate businesses on how to take a practical, business orientated approach to GDPR compliance. Download your free copy of ‘GDPR for Dummies here.

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