Review: 'Internet Security Fundamentals'

An easy to read and informative guide, Internet Security Fundamentals by Nick Ioannou provides a comprehensive outline of the most common internet security threats an average user may face on a daily basis when using email, social media and online shopping. The eBook benefits from Ioannou’s commitment to providing continuing updates as new threats emerge or existing ones evolve.

The introduction begins with explaining why anti-virus software is not the definitive answer to internet security threats, and that the reader should be aware of scams and tactics used by criminals in order to succeed in acquiring personal information or even a victims money.

Each chapter is carefully divided into two main sections, the first being a detailed overview surrounding the chapter’s topic such as ransomware, phishing or data breaches; which are presented through a combination of statistics taken from reputable internet security organizations and the author’s own experience in the IT sector.

Unlike similar books, the author has ensured that Internet Security Fundamentals provides the reader with statistics drawn from recently released publications and reports, which greatly reflects the current situation that users are facing.

Following the topic overview, Ioannou moves on to the second main section where he provides appropriate and practical considerations a user can take to either help prevent a threat or minimize their exposure to it. This includes restricting the use of certain software or turning off potentially dangerous features.

Throughout each chapter readers are presented with accurate examples of some of the most common tactics used by criminal in order to demonstrate some of the ways they attempt to fool a user into falling victim to a scam. These examples are also valuable to the reader as they highlight areas of a particular scam that they should be watching out for.

While Internet Security Fundamentals is primarily aimed at everyday users and not necessarily at readers who have some experience in Internet Security, the scope of topics covered and the practical advice given can still be beneficial and at under 200 pages the eBook is easy to pick up and the variety of digital formats means that you can always have a copy handy to quickly refer to in the event you are not sure whether something is a scam.

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