We have all sat, listened and perhaps rolled our eyes as the biggest of bosses tell us what we already know about cybersecurity. Perhaps you have even had that little niggle in the back of your mind wondering if they practice what they preach.

Good news for those doubters about you; it seems you were right! Do they heck! The bad news is this will just make your jobs infinitely harder…

According to a new survey from Code42, of the chief executive officers they questioned, a whopping 93% admitted to keeping work on a personal device outside of the office – and no, we aren’t talking business-approved cloud services or security protected company laptops, just their own devices, shoved in their pockets for anyone to get their hands on.

Despite huge amounts of cash being spent on preventing the loss of data, especially when it is business sensitive or relating to clients, it is human error that still proves fatal.

Although this isn’t just human error, its C-level boss error – not necessarily someone the security people can give a good telling off to. Oh, did we mention that 63% of CEOs also admitted to clicking on a link they weren’t supposed to, whilst 59% said they downloaded software onto their devices that they knew they weren’t allowed to?

What is even more galling about that is that 77% of them said they knew their IT teams would see it as a security risk, but they threw caution to the wind and carried along their merry way regardless.

Perhaps you could just leave this page open on their desk or next to the executive coffee machine so they get a glimpse – CEOs reading this…WE KNOW!

It seems they may need some subtle hints to make sure those security budgets aren’t being wasted on foolish moves.

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