OurMine vs. Anonymous: WikiLeaks Taken Offline

The hacking group that has been making a name for itself by breaking into bigwigs’ social media accounts took down WikiLeaks this week—as part of a spat with the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous.

OurMine has previously broken into the social accounts of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. It took down WikiLeaks last December—a move that prompted Anonymous to tell it to stop.

Anonymous, a longtime Julian Assange and WikiLLeaks supporter, promptly doxed OurMine, in case its point was lost, claiming to publish personal info about the group. While that information was taken down, OurMine claims Anonymous members have continued to harass its members.

Fast forward to this week, when OurMine DDoSsed WikiLeaks, successfully knocking the website offline for a few hours.

WikiLeaks is back online, but who knows where this leaves the brewing feud. One could say that this is likely to be just the battle of the hack-for-fun-and-social-change groups, but OurMine has recently started calling itself “a security company” (riiiiiggggghhhhht) so who knows what brand-spinning the group might choose to do going forward.

Photo © scyther5/Shutterstock.com

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