How to Hack a Human: Defending Against Social Engineering Attacks

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The social engineer is often a highly-skilled, highly-motivated adversary. As people and their working environment become more connected, hacking the human rather than the network is often the most effective route for an adversary. As any information security professional knows, the human is the weakest link in any defense strategy and consequently it is essential to understand how social engineers manipulate individuals and exploit security weaknesses. During this session the speakers will share their insight into social engineering attacks and provide practical advice on how to defend your organization.

  • Find out how social engineers exploit the human vector
  • Learn how you can protect your users and organizations from attack
  • Understand the policies, procedures and technologies that need to be in place to address the threat
  • Discover how users can be educated to protect themselves against attack.


Photo of Jessica  Barker

Jessica Barker

Cyber Security Consultant, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Cygenta

Photo of Matthew Gardiner

Matthew Gardiner

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mimecast

Photo of Lance Spitzner

Lance Spitzner

Director, SANS

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