Intelligent Defence: Collaborative Strategies to Defend Against the Latest Vulnerabilities, Risks and Threats

The increasing complexity of the information security threat landscape means it has never been more important to be able to rapidly identify and fix vulnerabilities, and the industry needs to look at how to facilitate collaboration and responsible vulnerability disclosure to enable this to happen. Whilst bounty programmes have been developed to encourage responsible disclosure and acknowledge researcher’s time and effort, in many companies, an approach from a researcher is poorly received.

During this session, the panellists will take a look at the current threat landscape and the extent to which security research is keeping up. They will discuss how to create a framework and culture to encourage collaboration between the research community and enterprises to provide the best defence against new and emerging risks and threats.


Photo of Jack Daniel

Jack Daniel

Strategist, Tenable

Photo of Rik Ferguson

Rik Ferguson

Vice President Security Research, Forescout

Photo of James Lyne

James Lyne

Head of Research and Development, SANS Institute

Photo of Victoria Windsor

Victoria Windsor

Moderator, Infosecurity Magazine

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