Locking Down the Internet Of Things

With the advent of more and more devices under the auspices of the Internet of Things (IoT), your business may be interested about the possibilities to increase the amount of data collected, reduce costs, and make workers more productive.

Yet this opens up a new level of security concerns for the organization in how best to protect not just the myriad of devices, but the data coming to-and-from them. For many securing these devices appears to be an afterthought, making the IoT revolution akin to the ‘Wild West’.

Join us for this webinar, where a panel of experts will explore the possible threat that the IoT could bring to your organization and answer your questions. Join the conversation as the panel discusses:

  • What IoT devices  do, what data they collect, who owns the data they collect, where the data is being collected
  • Which vulnerability assessments or certifications do devices have
  • The ‘as-is’ state of your network and why you need an audit to understand what is accessing your system, when, what it does when it sees data, and what it communicates to/where
  • What policies and procedures you need to deploy
  • How you can ensure IT, security and network teams educate themselves on the latest when it comes to devices, standards, and issues


Photo of Ernie Hayden

Ernie Hayden

Executive Consultant, Securicon LLC

Photo of Jim Hietala

Jim Hietala

VP Security, The Open Group

Photo of Florian Malecki

Florian Malecki

International Product Marketing Director, Dell

Photo of Lisa O'Connor

Lisa O'Connor

Managing Director, Accenture

Photo of Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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