The Future of Security – Connecting Endpoint and Network for Better Protection

To paraphrase the famous book and film: security is no country for old men. Tradition in some industries may be acceptable but in security, tradition can lead to weaknesses that can be exploited by cyber criminals. Innovation is the key – this is certainly the route taken by the attackers.

Cybercriminals have been making huge amounts of money from UK businesses using advanced tools like “Angler”, “Nuclear” and “Magnitude” that link web, network, and endpoint technologies in single hosted platform, and that are constantly updated with the latest zero day exploit techniques. Meanwhile most UK companies are still protecting themselves with firewalls, endpoint antivirus products, email and web filters that aren’t even slightly integrated, and that they haven’t changed for years.

But now there is a new approach that synchronizes network and endpoint protection to provide better security. This allows organisations to deal more effectively with sophisticated threats because the next-generation firewall on the network side is directly sharing threat intelligence with the next-generation endpoint security. This enables faster detection of threats, automatic isolation of infected devices, and rapid problem resolution.

Join us for this webinar, where a panel of experts will explore this hot topic and discover what it could mean for your company.  Join the conversation as the panel discusses:

  • What exactly is synchronized security? 
  • What are the advantages in protection of synchronizing network and endpoint security?
  • How to best deploy synchronized security – what is this likely to mean  in practical terms
  • How you can articulate the benefits of synchronizing security across your organization?


Richard Beck

Head of Cyber Security, QA

    Stephen Pritchard

    Moderator, Infosecurity Magazine

      John Shaw

      Vice President, Product Management, Sophos

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