A Million Analysts Won’t Save Your SOC: The Future of Security Operations

Security teams are struggling under the strain of increasing cybersecurity threats, rapid growth of security alerts, and the sheer limits of analysts' ability to respond.

Whilst they acknowledge the need for a greater focus on response rather than detection and accept breaches are going to happen, how security teams respond will determine the effectiveness in mitigating damage.

However, many organizations are also strained to breaking point. CISOs recognize they cannot throw more manpower at the challenge, so SOC teams need to rethink traditional approaches. Instead, they require an infrastructure which is able to scale, integrate multiple data sources, and effectively leverage orchestration and automation with the skills of trained security analysts. 

In this webinar we will examine:

  • Shortcomings of the traditional SOC
  • Skills Shortages facing the modern Security Teams
  • How best to meld automation and human intervention
  • How to maximize productivity across the SOC
  • What is the difference between automation and orchestration and how best can analysts leverage automation.


Photo of Meny Har

Meny Har

VP of Product, Siemplify

Photo of John Linkous

John Linkous

Trusted Security and Compliance Advisor

Photo of Kenneth Phelan

Kenneth Phelan

CTO, Gotham Technology Group

Photo of Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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