Going Beyond Security Hygiene to Get Ahead of Vulnerabilities

Even the most advanced point solution will be ineffective without the fundamentals of security hygiene, and while basic security measures will stop the majority of unsophisticated attacks, what about attackers who will use more advanced methods to break down your security defences?  What if your estate is highly distributed, overly-complex, and constantly under attack? How do you hunt without visibility of your entire estate and the ability to evaluate what is normal/abnormal behaviour?

In this webinar, we will investigate ways to see and interpret what is happening around you in order to successfully operate and defend your estate, consider how to be the hunter and never the hunted, and explore concepts around manageable cyber hygiene.

This webinar will:

  • Consider the foundations of good security hygiene
  • Explore best practise tactics to ensure that you are on top of vulnerabilities
  • Offer advice on how to discover unknown attacks.


Photo of Dylan DeAnda

Dylan DeAnda

Sr. Director, EMEA - Technical Account Management, Tanium

Photo of Tyler Oliver

Tyler Oliver

Sr. Director, EMEA Technical Account Management, Tanium

Photo of Dave Rowell

Dave Rowell

Senior Manager- Cyber Threat Detection & Response, PwC

Photo of Amar Singh

Amar Singh

CISO and Founder Cyber Management Alliance and Give01Day, Cyber Management Alliance

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