Internal security risks webinar this Wednesday

There are also signs that regulators are becoming aware of the security issue, with rogue staffers - and ex-staffers - causing data leaks plus IT faux pas to appear in the media on an increasing basis.

But how can you control this growing IT security headache?

Where do IT managers and their staff start when it comes to planning their security strategy in a world of increasingly blurred network boundaries?

Infosecurity is pleased to report it has at least some of the answers to this growing security issue with a webinar - Controlling your internal security risks - we are hosting with sponsors Arcsight this Wednesday at 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.

Join us for a thoughtful and educational webinar in which we'll detail the internal security issues that arise from employees, contractors and third parties' ability to access confidential information within your organization.

Along the way we'll explain how it is possible to maintain business efficiency by allowing both internal and out-of-house staff - including network and database admins, IT contractors, outsourcers, call center reps, financial analysts and others - full access to the data they need to perform their jobs, without compromising your company security.

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