Shellshock: the Exploits behind the Headlines

Billed as a bigger security vulnerability than even Heartbleed, Shellshock poses a potential risk to hundreds of thousands of UNIX and Linux computers. Exploiting the popular Bash shell, Shellshock could allow malicious access to computers, without any need for user authentication.

System administrators have been urged to move quickly to patch the vulnerability, but there is growing evidence of exploits in the wild, which target Bash, including a DDoS attack.

This discussion panel format webinar will:

  • Look at the background to Shellshock
  • Assess the risks it poses
  • Examine the exploits that have already been found in the wild
  • And give up to date advice on how to patch systems and to protect business' data.


Photo of Brian Barnier

Brian Barnier

ValueBridge Advisers and ISACA, ValueBridge Advisors

Photo of Tod  Beardsley

Tod Beardsley

Director of Research, Rapid7

Photo of David  Prince

David Prince

Delivery Director, IT Security, Schillings

Photo of Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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