tru.ID ( leverages the power of the SIM card to deliver passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) and digital identity solutions that help businesses fight the growing problem of cybercrime. Cybercrime costs the world over $1trillion annually and the move to remote working has made the situation worse. Passwords are at the heart of the problem.

tru.ID SIM-based MFA helps its customers fight cybercrime by replacing passwords with a strong possession factor using SIM-based network authentication. tru.ID provides a developer-first API platform that enables secure, seamless authentication of the pairing of a mobile number and SIM card. tru.ID partners with Mobile Network Operators to distribute the SIM-based mobile authentication capabilities that are built into every mobile network. The platform is live in 20 markets covering 2bn+ mobile identities.

To find out more or request a demo of tru.ID MFA, visit https://tru.ID

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