DevOpsExpo: Effective DevOps - People, Process and Tools

The domain of Information Systems, computing and business analysis are going through a comparable evolution.  Thus, testing, project management and the creation of new services have come together. To develop and deliver them effectively, DevOps, Testing and Agile converge.

DevOps now is in its seventh /eighth year of practice but the old architecture is no longer able to support the speed of delivery and so needs the additional help of Microservices for incremental change.  Microservices architecture helps to deliver easy testing, fast and deployments and overall agility.  It is also fairly complex—so to successfully implement Microservices, you need to understand the core concepts behind this approach. 

This one day programme is designed to connect these extensive aspects as well as the challenges.  Expert practitioners and thought-leaders will provide information on the implementation and help you to develop your business case. The day will cover the basic concepts of the Microservices architecture and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this architecture.

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