Evolving Themes of Programme & Project Management: Organisational Challenges

As part of their competitive advantage strategy to change, survive, and grow, top management have been moving to project management. The ability to successfully execute projects is what drives the realisation of intended benefits and the achievement of business objectives; but there is continuous pressure for businesses to be innovative and deliver greater value.  Therefore, traditional project management methods that had worked in stable economic times, have become less reliable and applicable.  It is then that the organisation needs to respond quickly but with control and quality.

This conference focuses on how companies should exploit or upgrade and change their resources to ensure that programmes and projects deliver. It comprises essential areas such as people, culture, strategy, tools and techniques and processes. Experts bring their views on the topic and panels allow debate on priorities and challenges, inviting the audience to take part in the conversation and to share their experience and problems.

More info: http://bit.ly/2rfMQ6P

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