Cyber Challenge Foundation Launched at Stephanie Daman Memorial

The Cyber Security Challenge has launched a charity in the memory of former CEO Stephanie Daman, who passed away in June of this year.

Announced today at the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in central London by acting chief executive Nigel Harrison, the Cyber Challenge Foundation will aim to support the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Speaking at the NCSC, Harrison said that this was set up in the memory of Stephanie Daman, and it will “be about what she cared about passionately: education, supporting diversity in the industry and supporting those who are disadvantaged and help them get a leg up on the ladder”.

Harrison and Cyber Security Challenge said that the full details of the charitable foundation will be detailed later, but it will aim to fulfil Stephanie Daman’s “vision of creating a support system for individuals across the UK who may be looking to learn cyber security but do not have the means to do so”. The Foundation will provide grants towards the provision of education, training, mentoring and hardship relief across the country. 

Cyber Security Challenge UK will raise capital for the Foundation through corporate sponsorship, fundraising events and private donations with the first fundraising evening, in partnership with BT, taking place during the Challenge’s Masterclass competition on Monday 13th November. 

The announcement came after a memorial service was held in central London for Daman, which Infosecurity was in attendance at. With readings by former colleagues, the tribute was led by Harrison, who talked of their early days working in the British Embassy in Washington DC, working on ‘information warfare’.

Harrison said it was clear that Daman was “far more of a diplomat than I was!” Following a return to the UK and some work in the private sector, Harrison described Daman as “a natural choice for the CEO” of Cyber Security Challenge, a position she was appointed to as she was diagnosed with cancer.

Described as “understanding, articulate, passionate, an excellent leader”, Harrison said that Daman would have “treatment in the morning, challenge businesses in the afternoon and into the evening and always make time for family”.

Concluding, Harrison said: “We should be proud of what she achieved in her career and what achieved in the last four years in taking the Challenge forward, we will be sure her legacy lives on.”

Reverend Jonathan Jennings described Daman as “being up for a challenge and keen to see others at their best”. 

The day had a positive vibe with industry figures, colleagues, journalists and government officials remembering a very important and influential person to the industry. Stephanie Daman will be missed, but steps are being made to ensure that her legacy of helping people achieve their career dreams will carry on.

For more information about the charity, applications to grants and how to donate please contact

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