100% of Businesses Have Faced a Mobile Cyberattack

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Mobile cyberattacks are hitting nearly every company, whether it’s mobile remote access trojans, data mining trojans, mobile adware or premium dialers.

According to Check Point’s survey of 850 organizations internationally, 100% of all businesses surveyed had experienced a mobile malware attack. The average number of mobile malware attacks experienced per company stands at 54, and 89% of enterprises also experienced at least one man-in-the-middle attack over a Wi-Fi network.

Also, enterprise mobility is susceptible to attack on both major mobile platforms, Android and iOS; yet, three-quarters (75%) of the organizations surveyed had at least one jailbroken iOS device or rooted Android device connected to their corporate networks, with the average number of rooted or jailbroken devices being 35 per company.

Threats to mobile users are capable of compromising any device and accessing sensitive data at any time. These threats impact every type of business from financial services to government to manufacturing.

“The financial value and frequency of attacks on mobile devices exceeded that for PCs in 2017, which help explain the findings of the report,” said Michael Shaulov, head of products for mobile and cloud security at Check Point. “Mobile devices are essentially the new ‘backdoor’ for cyber-criminals.”

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