Australia's JanusNET launches in the UK in mobile space

JanusNET is mainly known as a data security services provider down under, but Colla says that the firm is moving into the mobile security space in the UK with a new product, JanusNET Mobile.

JanusNET Mobile, he explained, filters e-mails between an organisation's mail server and employees' smartphones to prevent the delivery of sensitive information to mobile devices.

This, says Colla, allows businesses with a digitally connected workforce to gain direct and immediate control over the risk of information spillage.

The software, he claims, is unique in the marketplace and allows firms to manage and control email delivery to any smartphone, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

"The key to controlling data on mobiles is to limit the amount of information that reaches the phone in the first place. After that, it's a lot easier to control the remaining data on the mobile", he said.

Whilst there are mobile-install solutions and extensions to appliance-based security software available, Colla says that things start to get complicated when a company allows staff to use their own smartphones in the workplace, especially when they hook up for example - a personal iPhone to the company network across WiFi.

JanusNET Mobile, he says, allows companies to support BYO (bring your own) handset in the workplace.

Initially at least, Colla told Infosecurity that he plans to focus on promoting JanusNET Mobile into the public sector marketplace, as the product is CoCom compliant and offers high levels of security.

"We've been offering our products via Softech in the UK since we formed the company back in 2004, but we're now in the stages of setting up a UK operation," he said, adding that he is also interested in talking with potential partners/resellers for the firm's products in the UK.

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